"Every journey begins with one single step." Maya Angelou

Are you feeling overwhelmed and ready for change? 

Have you tried everything and still not getting the results you want? 

Are you desiring better communication and connection with others? 

If so, counseling may help you gain better perspective and assist you in reaching your personal goals.  

Self-work and relationships are not always easy.  We aren't given a life manual and when life throws curveballs, it can be hard to navigate through it all without feeling overwhelmed and alone.  

Counseling is a beneficial tool to help you through challenges you are faced with.  You are able to talk with a trained clinician,  working towards solutions that will empower you, while creating closer connections with and making healthier choices. 

At Resilient Pathways Therapy, I understand that making that first step can be daunting.  It isn't always easy to reach out and ask for help.  Understanding this, I offer a safe and non-judgmental environment, providing compassionate and solution focused therapy.  

While confidentiality is always maintained, your privacy is equally important.  Realizing professionals and community leaders also seek counseling and want a safe place to share, my office has 2 entrances that help you maintain anonymity.  

Located in the heart of Friendswood, it is easily accessible from the main freeway and main roads.  With early morning and late hours provided, clients can receive services at their convenience.  Lunch hours are also provided for those who wish to come during their lunch hour.  

Before you decide if I am good match for you, please give me call to receive a free phone consultation.  This is an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, gather more information about the services provided, and decide if you want to move forward. You are never pressured to make an appointment. 

I believe therapy is a very personal and private choice that needs to be made by the client...not a therapist pushing to make an appointment. At Resilient Pathways Therapy, the choice is always yours.   

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