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                       "Every journey begins with one single step." Maya Angelou

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like everything you have tried hasn't worked and you are ready for change?  

Do you feel alone? Is it difficult to know who truly to trust with your most deepest and personal concerns, for fear of being judged or not validated?

Individual therapy provides opportunities to openly share, without judgement or criticism, while also actively working towards healthier choices to help bring balance, self-awareness, and healing.

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Are you receiving holistic therapies for anxiety, depression, or other physical ailments?

Combining alternative treatments with psychotherapy creates opportunities for healthier choices and wellness, while learning skills to apply to your everyday life.  As you work on the emotional aspects, along with the physical, it creates a more holistic approach to your care.  

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Are you in high school or college and having some challenges with friends, a difficult breakup, managing your time with school/work and family? 

Are you a medical student having some anxious thoughts surface while doing rounds? 

Are you wanting to work on better time management, stress management, and process some of your challenging cases? 

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Additional Services:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Life coaching for Women   
  • Pre-marital counseling 
  • Group therapy for mesh injured women

As a client, you will be provided a safe and nonjudgmental environment to openly share your deepest concerns and together, while unlocking barriers to reach your established goals, you will rediscover how resilient you truly are. 


Resilience Pathways Therapy, PLLC. is an independently owned private practice, located in Friendswood, Texas.  

Clients travel from the surrounding communities of Pearland, Pasadena, South Houston, La Porte, Deer Park, Clear Lake, Webster, Clear Brook, League City, and Alvin, to receive therapy services. 


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