Empowering Clients
To Find Hope
In Their Journey

The First Step Begins With You...

Counseling in Friendswood, Couples Therapy, Family Counseling, Resilient Pathways Therapy

  • Do you feel alone and overwhelmed?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck?  
  • Have you tried everything and still not getting the results you want? 
  • Are you desiring better communication and connection with others?
  • Are you in a relationship and feeling disconnected, unheard, and undervalued? Do you feel that both of you are just not able to get on the same page?  
  • Are you experiencing a new life transition, such as new relationship, new parent, single parenting, widowhood, new career, new move to the area, etc? 
  • Have you received a medical diagnosis and having difficulty coping it? 
  • Are you needing more balance in your life?
  • Do you need someone to process with? 

If so, counseling may help you gain better perspective and assist you in reaching your personal goals.  

What Is The First Step? 

At Resilient Pathways Therapy, you are offered a free phone consultation.  You can call, text, or email and let me know a time that works best for you so that we can over the phone for 20-30 minutes. This gives you an opportunity to share what your concerns are and how I may best assist you during this challenging time.   

You will not be pressured to make an appointment...the choice is always yours!

Scheduling Appointments: 

Because I work with professionals and active community members, I offer flexible hours.  Therefore,  clients have the opportunity to attend counseling sessions before and after work/school,during school hours when your kids are school,  as well as during lunch hours.   

Location Info: 

Resilient Pathways Therapy is conveniently located across from Friendswood City Hall, behind Rise Cupcakes.  

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