Resilient Pathways Therapy, PLLC.

Counseling for Teens, Young Adults, Women & Couples

Sometimes life changes in an instant...a medical diagnosis, a life changing situation, unexpected job loss, etc.  Other times, stressors pile up over time and as they build, it overflows into other areas of your life.  

How do you find peace in the midst of that storm? How do you find balance? How do you not get so overwhelmed by the stressors in your life?  

In those cases, we all wish life came with step by step instructions that were not only easy to follow, but gave instant results.  Unfortunately, life isn't designed that way.   

Counseling isn't mean to "fix" you or anyone else.  It IS designed to offer a safe place where the client(s) can discuss what holds them back most, what keeps them caught repeating the same behaviors and experiences (despite wanting change), and finding his/her voice.  

Counseling helps process what is going on, helps sort out the chaos and noise that blocks you from achieving a sense of peace and hope.  

Counseling isn't a one size fits all.  Each session is tailored to the needs of the client(s), with concrete goals to work on.  Clients will learn coping strategies and skills to apply towards their goals, while being empowered and supported in a safe and nurturin