Couples Counseling


Are you dating someone and feel it is getting serious? Have you been in bad relationships and afraid this one may end up the same way? This is a great time to come in for counseling.  Together, we can discuss what your goals are as a couple, discuss any issues that can be potential deal breakers, and find ways to make this a healthy relationship that is fulfilling and  balanced.  The typical clients are: couples who have children, previously married, widowed, young adults, and those planning to eventually marry.

Premarital Counseling

What an exciting time in your relationship!  As an engaged couple, it is so easy to get caught up with gown/suit alterations, invitations, food menu, cake decision, and place settings.  However, focusing on your emotional well balance and reviewing couple goals is just as important.  As part of a 5 session package, couples will take an assessment, discuss any potential issues, and work towards establishing goals that come with being a married couple.  

Couple's Counseling

Being married can be the most rewarding in your life.  However, there are times when it seems there is miscommunication, trust issues, feelings of inadequacy, parenting differences, and unmet expectations.  The typical couples I work with are those who are highly motivated to work on their marriage and need an outside perspective to help the couple relationship get back on track. 

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