Living with Chronic Pain Counseling for Women and Couples in Houston

Group Therapy for Women

If you are living with chronic pain due to an illness, disease, cancer, and/or mesh complications, then this is a group for you.  Women of all ages comes together for support, therapy, and a sisterhood of other women who understand what you are experiencing on a daily basis. 

Group Details

This group meets on Saturday for 2 hours, for 6 consecutive weeks.  The group meets and discusses one topic each week, with the remainder of time used to process, support, and encourage one another. 

Who qualifies for these groups?

To register for the class, please email me at: for more information.  I will send you  a questionnaire to make sure you are the right fit for the group and to determine which group you would participate in.  

How much do they cost?

Each group costs $20 for 1.5 hours, for a total of $120 for the duration of 6 weeks.  This does not include individual counseling, however those who want to also have individual therapy, will receive a discount of $10.  The full cost of the group therapy is due 1 week prior to the group starting, along with your registration form. 

When/Where Do We Meet?

We meet every Saturday for 6 consecutive Saturdays (exceptions made during holidays).  The meeting is from 9-11am. Typically, we meet in my office with occasions of meeting at other locations which are discussed prior to the next meeting. 

Can I Continue in Group Therapy?

For this particular group, it is limited to 6 weeks since the topics are set.  However,  I do have a monthly support group offered to clients who have completed their 6 week work, which will resume next year, 2019. 

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