Life Coaching

How is Life Coaching Different from Counseling?

In therapy, we delve deep into past issues, family of origin, past relationships, and find patterns that can help us work on your goals in session. 

In a life coach session, we focus only on the present.  It isn't a time to explore why something has happened.  Rather, we focus on concrete goals and develop steps to achieve them.  As a coach, it is my role to support you, keep you accountable, and motivate you to reach the goals you have for yourself. 

Issues Addressed

  • Career Change
  • Life Goals & Transitions
  • Communication
  • Building a Business
  • Managing Key Decisions
  • Balancing Business and Personal Life
  • Time Management
  • Fulfilling Personal and Emotional Goals
  • Better Relationships
  • Geting Organized

*Please Note: Life Coaching is not therapy and will not be treated as such.  This is very specialized and focused on specific goals and plans to reach them. 

Life Coaching Fees

Coaching Sessions:

45 minutes: $120

Becoming Resilient