PHone consultation Information

Seeking help from a therapist can seem very difficult.  Who do you call? How much do you share?  Where can you go where your anonymity is protected?  

I understand it can be overwhelming to navigate through so many websites and  therapy directories.  

Therapy is so personal that it isn't easy to post on your social media accounts that you need referrals, like you would for a pediatrician, auto shop, or restaurant recommendations.  

Because I am very sensitive of that, I offer a free phone consultation.  You can call at your convenience or text when a good time/date works for you, and I will contact you.  

A phone consultation can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes and gives you time to share your concerns, what you would most like to work on, and ask questions regarding my therapy approach, concerns you have, etc.  If we both agree to proceed, an appointment is made for a face to face counseling session. 


Let's Talk Resilience!