What is Resilient Pathways?

Have you ever seen a Palm tree in a storm?

The tree can sway back and forth, even bend enough to touch the ground, but it bounces back up and stands taller and stronger.  It simply can't break because of the wind.   

I believe the human spirit is like a tree.  It can go through hard times, even feel like it is defeated, but it grows stronger, develops deeper roots in faith and community, and stands through the test of time.  

I came across a story that talked about an experiment where a miniature planet was developed under a dome.  While everything grew, the trees grew too, they noticed that the trees were collapsing.  They didn't understand.  The trees received artificial sun, had water and food, good soil.  They didn't understand until they did further testing.  They realized that the trees didn't have wind to push against it’s trunks.  The trees become stronger when it is faced with wind resistance.  Without wind, the treea died. 

The wind creates opportunities for the trees to become resilient...just like challenges make us more resilient.  

What are Pathways?

Pathways can either hinder or help you. Which one is yours?

While we can't change others around us, we can certainly change the way we respond.  I view pathways as bridges, leading to a destination.  Sometimes these pathways are full of debris, toxicity, and road blocks.  However, with therapy, those pathways can be cleared.   Sometimes creating new pathways is necessary.  With therapy, we work together to clear the path, create new ones, and learn what works and what doesn't.  Most importantly, we apply new skills that will help open those pathways that lead to resilience and empowerment. 


Check out this great video by WhispherCreative! Great visuals and excellent summary to what Resilience is and how it is applied in therapy. 

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